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The Jostiband Orchestra has a long history with a lot of memorable events. Here you can find the most important ones.

Royal friend

Koningin Juliana IThe Jostiband Orchestra has a large circle of friends, but they have one favourite: Princess Juliana.  
The former Queen attended the twentieth anniversary in the "Vredenburg" in Utrecht in 1986 and was given the new Josti album.  

In September of 1991, the Princess came to the "Vredenburg" again, this time to attend the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Jostiband. Gerben gave the Princess the first Josti CD during this 25th anniversary.We remember the Princess as a very faithful, royal friend of the Jostiband Orchestra.


Paradepaardje IJosti Band, Jostiband Orchestra, Josti's, Jostiband - yes, well, I've heard enough about that Josti Band. I can't stand to hear that name anymore! That is always the risk of a showpiece. The success of the concerts played by mentally handicapped musicians of the Jostiband Orchestra, which many people could not understand, has put the band in the spotlight. They performed for the Dutch broadcasting corporation "NCRV-television" in:

  • 1977 Music from the heart
  • 1980 Christmas with the Josti Band
  • 1983 Ditto, adapted version
  • 1986 Twenty years of music from the heart
  • 1989 Music without borders
  • 1991 The secret of the Josti Band
  • 1993 Christmas celebration with the Josti Band
  • 1996 30 years' All-star gala night, presented by Paul de Leeuw.
  • 1996 Jostiband surprises Sinterklaas
  • 1997 Christmas with the Jostiband
  • 1999 Jostiband in Concert
  • 2000 Christmas in Canada with the Jostiband
  • 2003 Jostiband at Ahoy

Paradepaardje IISuch glory can have some unpleasant implications. The name Josti band can get on some people's nerves (oh, them), some people think the Josti band gets too much attention (they are being extremely favored over others), some people come to the conclusion that other mentally handicapped Dutch people no longer seem to exist, because the Josti band is all-important.
The orchestra does not deserve this kind of criticism. The members and leaders work very hard to show the outside world what handicapped people can accomplish.

The Jostiband Orchestra members can accept some criticism, and they are not really put off by envy, but what they do regret is the public being dazzled. Everyone working in mentally handicapped care - at the "De Bruggen" as well as throughout the country - deserves to be put in the spotlight and receive applause.

Foreign countries

Buitenland IMusic knows no borders, and neither does the JostiBand. The Jostiband has traveled to many countries during the last 40 years. Trips include:

  • 1981 France
  • 1988 Germany
  • 1989 Switzerland
  • 1993 Israel
  • 2000 Canada

Buitenland IINot the entire orchestra travels abroad, because the Jostiband simply has too many members. Besides, not all members of the orchestra are able to go on such a tour. Some of the most talented musicians do not have the social skills required for such an undertaking. A delegation is formed and the members of the ensemble who went abroad come back with great stories to tell. About the huge mountains, their tops covered with snow, the Notre Dame de Silence monastery in Sion where they stayed, the audience in Martigny doing a conga, and about "Whispering Hope", which sounded more beautiful than ever in the village of Brig. Josti goes international!

Trip to Canada

Canada IOn invitation of NCRV-television a group of 33 members of the orchestra Jostiband, Wim Brussen and  Lyan Verburg, 5 technicians and 10 guides left at Wednesday December 6th 2000 10:45 am from Schiphol to Canada.

The group flew on an Boeing of Air Canada (flight 839) over the ocean and arrived at 13:20 pm local time in Toronto. By bus they went to the Toronto Colony Hotel and that was their home base during their stay at Canada until they left again at December 13th.

Canada IIThe orchestra took care of 2 concerts and were quests at the Breakfast Television. A tv-cameracrew of NRCV television filmed the orchestra in this time. The images were made to a film which was on Dutch television at Tuesday December 26th 2002 by NCRV

At first the plan was to go to Japan. The handicapped musicians would present the cultural and social view of Holland in Japan, because of the at that moment 400 years of relationship between Japan and Holland.

Financially and organization problems made this trip impossible. A new destination was found: Canada.

Yearly Woord-en-Beeld-prijs won by internetsite Jostiband

From: Pressmessage by Federatie van Ouderverenigingen

The Stuurgroep Beeldvorming, participated by Somma, the Vereniging Gehandicaptenzorg Nederland, the Federatie van Ouderverenigingen and the Landelijke Federatie van Belangenverenigingen "Onderling Sterk", gives a yearly reward, called Woord-en-Beeld-prijs. The reward is given to a person or organisation, who delivered in a positive way a contribution about people with a mentally handicap. The goal of this year was the medium internet. Over 100 internetsites werd judged and 14 sites were nominated for the reward. The winner of the Woord-en-Beeld-prijs 2000 is the Jostiband (www.jostiband.nl). This internetsite received the reward, because of the clear information about the Jostiband and because of the way the musicians with their mentally handicap are presented. The site also gives the visitor the posibility to play music themselves. The internetsite is also attractive for people with a mentally handicap. On wednesday Februari 28th 2001 the reward was given to the Jostiband Orchestra, represented by Lyan Verburg at Utrecht.

Reward for "Luister met je ogen"

The photo book "Luister met je ogen" (Listen with your eyes) distributed by the Jostiband Orchestra  on their 35th years jubilee has been chosen as one of the Best Preserved Books in the category Publications of the moment by the Stichting De Best Verzorgde Boeken. Over 410 books were selected in advance. After a first selection, only 48 books in 7 categories were selected and judged. The Jostiband book was selected to win the price in this category.

The photos in this book were made by Bert Teunissen, the text was written by Pauline Berkhout and the design was made by Leon Bloemendaal. The production of the book was done by Souverein Weesp/SSN/Projectiecolor/Veenman drukkers/Abbringh. The Stichting De Best Verzorgde Boeken is a cooperation of the Organization of Dutch Professional Designers, The Graphical Culture Society and the Society of Collective Propaganda of the Dutch Book (tel. 0031 206 264 971).

New Year concert 2003

Ahoy Concert Hall, Rotterdam - More than 6,000 people attended a very special concert by a very special orchestra.

NCRV Press ReleaseThe Jostiband consists of 200 mentally handicapped people and has become a true phenomenon in the Netherlands. This New Year;s concert for NCRV Television was in celebration of the Jostiband’s 35th anniversary. Its motto: Music from the heart! In Ahoy, Dutch top artists, accompanied by the Jostiband, performed songs from the orchestra’s repertoire plus a few of their own songs accompanied by the Cor Bakker Combo.

The Jostiband, conducted by Wim Brussen and Lyan Verburg, rehearses once a week. Once a month they give a concert somewhere in the Netherlands. The orchestra offers the mentally handicapped members an opportunity to indulge in their great passion: making music. The conductors transform the scores into colours; this system enables the orchestra to perform almost any musical piece.

Over the past 25 years, the NCRV has regularly made TV programs with the Jostiband and the Netherlands now holds this orchestra very dear. Programs with the Jostiband guarantee excellent ratings, in viewer numbers as well as viewer appreciation. The Jostiband concert in Ahoy adds another highlight to the orchestra’s success story.

Band Leaders: Wim Brussen and Lyan Verburg.
TV production: Wilco Pleging
Editor: Sipke Dijkstra

Rose d'Or

Rose d'Or IThe Newyearsconcert of the Jostiband at Ahoy was nominated for the prestigious Rose d'Or 2003 (The Golden Rose) of this yearly television festival at Montreux During this year's festival the program "Jostiband Ahoy" was nominated in the category "Music". The program was presented by Jochem van Gelder, and was broadcasted at Newyears eve 2003 by the NCRV. More then one and a half million people watched this program on Dutch TV.

Rose d'Or IIBesides the Jostiband the following artists shared their talents in this program: Acda en de Munnik, Frans Bauer, Karin Bloemen and Cor Bakker. Only once before (at 1995) the NCRV had the opportunity of winning a television price. The program Taxi with Maarten Spanjer became the international Press price of that year. In January 2003 the first DVD of the Jostiband saw the daylight. The concert at Ahoy is now available at the Jostishop ordering page with the title"De Jostiband Ahoy’!" It's also possible to buy the concert on videotape.

Unfortunately the Jostiband and the NCRV did not win the price. In spite of this they are very proud of the nomination. This is only possible for a few artists and the Jostiband is now one of them.